Forcepoint Certified Training

Forcepoint was formed in 2015 through the merger of Raytheon Cyber Products and Websense, uniting integrating the user protection, data security and cloud expertise of Websense with the insider threat and analytics technology of Raytheon, along with the next-generation network protection capabilities of Stonesoft. The combination of these organizations brought together decades of front-line experience across many domains of cybersecurity, from Fortune 100 enterprise to mid-sized businesses in every industry, to the world’s most highly secure defense, intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Cloud application protection and visibility was also enabled in 2017 with Forcepoint’s acquisition of Skyfence cloud application security broker (CASB). BridgingMinds Network Pte Ltd.

BridgingMinds Network Pte Ltd was formed with a collaboration with Transitions System Asia to bring a focus on the learning experience with the goal of bridging knowledge gaps of individuals and organizations through consulting and development methodologies, to achieve individual’s career aspiration and organization’s objectives. To know more about BridgingMinds, visit www.bridgingminds.net

BridgingMinds is a Forcepoint Authorized Training Partner. Vnohow partners with BridgingMinds to resell Forcepoint Certified Training Programs in Thailand.

To learn more about most updated Forcepoint training and certifications, please visit www.forcepoint.com/services/training-and-technical-certification


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