PMI Certified Training

Project Management Institute is the world’s leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project, program and portfolio management profession. PMI advances careers, improves organizational success and further matures the profession of project management through its globally recognized standards, certifications, resources, tools, academic research, publications, professional development courses, and networking opportunities.

RMC Learning Solutions (formerly RMC Project Management) develops and trains project managers, business analysts and agile practitioners by providing the hard skills, soft skills and business knowledge necessary for them to succeed in their careers over 24 years. Today, RMC delivers a wide range of project management, business analysis and agile training in multiple learning formats including Traditional Classroom Training, Live Online Training, Self-Directed e-Learning and Books and Software. The company also continues to reinforce its training via ongoing coaching, mentoring and organizational transformation services. To know more about RMC, visit

International Services & Alliances Co., Ltd. (ISA) is a management consulting organization dedicated to optimizing business operation performance through project management initiatives. ISA offers consultancy services utilizing its simple and powerful methodologies for managing projects and services. The key focused areas include Project Management and IT Process Professionals Outsource. To know more about ISA, visit

ISA is a RMC Authorized Training Partner. Vnohow partners with ISA to resell RMC Project Management Certified Training in Thailand.

PMI Certified Training

Description Code Day(s) Aug Sep Oct Usual Special Actions
Project Management Fundamental - Thai
Project Management Overview (14 PDUs) PMP-O 2 27-28 Pls. Call 25-26 25,900 Pls. Call  
Project Management for Management (14 PDUs) PMP-MGM 2 29-30 Pls. Call 25-26 25,900 Pls. Call  
Project Management Intermediate - Thai
PM Crash Course (8 PDUs) PMP-C 1 29 Pls. Call 24 15,500 Pls. Call  
PM Crash Course for IT Professionals (7 PDUs) PMP-CIT 1 28 Pls. Call 25 15,500 Pls. Call  
Project Management Exam Preparation - Thai
PMP Exam Prep Course (40 Contact Hours) PMPXP 4 Pls. Call 24-27 Pls. Call 59,900 Pls. Call  
Intensive PMP® Exam Prep Course (16 Contact Hours) PMPXP-I 2 Pls. Call 24-25 Pls. Call 36,500 Pls. Call  
Practical Project Management - Thai
Project Management Tricks of the Trade® (21 PDUs) PMP-TT 3 1-3 3-5 1-3 49,900 Pls. Call  
Project Life Cycle Management Workshop PMP-LC 6 Pls. Call Pls. Call 1-3 & 8-10 59,900 Pls. Call  
Key Skills for Effective Project Management - Thai
Project Estimating: Bullet Proofing Your Project Plan (6 PDUs) PMP-EST 1 Pls. Call Pls. Call Pls. Call 15,500 Pls. Call  
Tricks of the Trade® for Defining & Managing Requirements (8 PDUs) PMP-DM 1 Pls. Call Pls. Call Pls. Call 15,500 Pls. Call  
Tricks of the Trade® for Negotiation (16 PDUs) PMP-NEGO 2 Pls. Call Pls. Call Pls. Call 29,900 Pls. Call  
Developing High Impact Project Communications (14 PDUs) PMP-COM 2 Pls. Call Pls. Call Pls. Call 29,900 Pls. Call  
Tricks of the Trade® for Risk Management (16 PDUs) PMP-RISK 2 Pls. Call Pls. Call Pls. Call 30,500 Pls. Call  
Facilitation Skills Workshop (21 PDUs) PMP-FAC 3 Pls. Call Pls. Call Pls. Call 38,900 Pls. Call