Our customer base is widespread, we trained lots of professionals from many different industries including MNC, Banking, Governments, Service Providers etc. We are a Customer-Oriented training company. We completely focus on our customer wants and needs. We believe Service Quality is the primary determinant of our customer satisfaction and royalty and Trust is always genuinely sustainable competitive advantage. Those Core Values are the keys to success.

Vnohow maintains an updated register of public courses and schedules on our website www.vnohow.com. Customers can check course availabilities and perform online registrations. Customers has options to search for Vnohow upcoming schedules or Vnohow schedule by month.

Furthermore we organize IT seminars and events for our valued customers, which are pertinent to anyone working in the IT industry. We deliver new technology updates in order to provide skill and knowledge development for all participants. As a result, participants who attend Vnohow’s courses, seminars and events can be confident that their skills and industry related knowledge is at the forefront

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