Palo Alto Networks Certified Training

Palo Alto Networks is leading a new era in cybersecurity by protecting thousands of enterprise, government, and service provider networks from cyber threats. Because of deep expertise, commitment to innovation and game-changing security platform, thousands of customers have chosen Palo Alto. Pala Alto Networks is the fastest growing security company in the market.

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Palo Alto Networks Certified Training

Description Code Day(s) Apr May Jun Usual Special Actions
Palo Alto Networks Courses
Firewall 9.1 Essentials: Configuration and Management EDU-210 5 20-24 Pls. Call 8-12 175,000 Pls. Call  
Firewall 9.0 Optimizing Firewall Threat Prevention EDU-214 4 Pls. Call Pls. Call Pls. Call TBA Pls. Call  
Panorama 9.1 Managing Firewalls at Scale EDU-220 2 Pls. Call Pls. Call Pls. Call 66,600 Pls. Call  
Traps 4.2 Install, Configure And Manage EDU-281 2 Pls. Call Pls. Call Pls. Call TBA Pls. Call  
Firewall 9.1: Troubleshooting EDU-330 3 Pls. Call Pls. Call Pls. Call 99,900 Pls. Call