Code of Conduct

Commitment to Compliance and Integrity

All Vnohow employees and representatives shall conduct all businesses with integrity in an honest, ethical and professional manner.

All Vnohow employees and representatives shall respect laws, cultures, and rights of individuals.

All Vnohow employees and representatives are expected to act in accordance with this company principle “Code of Conduct”.

How the Code of Conduct Applies

This code of conduct shall apply to all Vnohow employees and representatives who work at any level, including those of wholly and majority-owned entity of Vnohow.

ANTI-BRIBERY and corruption

Bribery occurs when an individual or entity offers, pays or receives money, bribes, gifts or any other benefits to or from third parties to influence business results or personal interests. Bribery is not permitted at Vnohow as it is against our company values and is considered unethical, illegal and harmful to the company reputation for honesty and integrity. Vnohow has committed to conduct all businesses in an honest, ethical and professional manner in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and shall not influence others by offering, paying or receiving money, bribes, gifts or other benefits either directly or indirectly. All employees and representatives are expected to turn down any opportunity that could damage the reputation of the company and avoid any activities or events that could be construed as bribery. All employees and representatives are anticipated to report any actual or suspected violations of the Anti-Bribery Policy.


Vnohow shall ensure proper working conditions for its employees including appropriate health and safety standards. There shall be no discrimination in workplace. All employees shall be entitled to fair and equal treatment. Vnohow shall respect employee privacy and protects confidential employee Information and shall use data for its intended purpose only.


Corporate social responsibility refers to a business practice that involves participating in initiatives that benefit society and is defined as the voluntary activities undertaken by a company to operate in an economic, social, and environmentally sustainable manner.  Vnohow shall operate its businesses according to principles of good corporate governance and shall act as a good corporate citizen in all societies.