We provide end-to-end training solutions by working closely with our customers to understand their training requirements. We then analyze skill gaps and develop an ideal customized training solution designed to meet their roadmap and corporate personnel development plan. But that’s not where our support ends! We also can provide preliminary testing to ensure that participants are ready for the required course. During the class our trainer can monitor and track students’ progress to ensure concepts are being understood and absorbed. Finally, a post-course evaluation or test can be performed to check readiness prior to future relevant exams. We can review, compile feedback and report back to supervisors or managers as a value-added service.

We fully understand that any particular customer has a unique combination of requirements. To supply the best possible solution, Vnohow selects resources from a number of IT vendors and consulting companies and corporate professional training organizations. This allows us to provide extensive training options to meet customers’ organizational needs.

Particular requirements regarding the training venue are also be applicable for some customers. Vnohow prefers to be flexible and provide various options. The training could be held at classrooms, customer premises or anywhere the customer deems suitable. As technology becomes more accommodating, a remote lab with real industry equipment has become an acceptable and popular alternative. This option can offer significantly improved performance and, in certain scenarios, is the ideal solution for onsite training.

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