Covid-19 Prevention Measures (Updated 1-Jun-20)

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To staff, customers, partners and visitors, since your safety and health are our priority, we have implemented the preventive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as follows:-

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A face mask or a cloth face mask is required for everyone to wear inside our workplace. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who denies to wear a face mask in our venue.

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Temperature screening by using an infrared thermometer is a must to ensure that people with a fever (37.5°C or more) are restricted from entry into our center. A screening sticker will be given to those who pass screening for confirmation.

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Right after the temperature screening, clean your hands right away with hand sanitizer gel provided at the reception area. We have also placed hand sanitizer gel in various locations throughout our center.

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Keep your social distance between yourself and others to reduce chances of catching the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and look for social distacing markers or signs while sitting or standing.

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Social distancing measure will also need to be adhered in the classroom. We limit seating capacity in each classroom to allow social distancing. Hand sanitizer gel is placed on each table. A face shield will be given to individual students.

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To allow social distancing and prevent people gatering together duing lunch and breaks, individual lunch and snack boxes are provided to individual students at our center.

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We practice routine cleaning of frequently touched areas and surfaces every 2-3 hours with alcohol (at least 70%). Air purifiers are also installed to keep our center environment clean.

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We provide a separate bin only for disposing used face masks that is separate from ordinary rubbish bins with a proper instruction on how to properly dispose them to prevent infection.

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Everyone shall strictly comply with this announcement
Announced on 1 June 2020
Vnohow (Thailand) Co., Ltd.