Preparing your organization for the Era of Digitalization on 28 October 2019 at Crowne Plaza Hotel


Digital disruption and it’s unavoidable after effect, has kicked up in the current business landscape. Consider this, nearly half of today’s top 10 leading corporation in each industry are at the risk of going out of business if they don’t innovate themselves for the new digital age where business models, offerings, and value chains are getting digitalized to the maximum extent possible.

Most major businesses are finding their way for digital transformations – and certainly, it could have taken place over an extended period of time – in which it totally contrasts with how the digitalization has taken over people and their behavior in just a blink of an eye.

In the new digital era, constantly changing technologies empower new ways of approaching customers, more efficient business processes and more pervasive connections between people, devices, and data. But it could be such a big mistake – to try an ad-hoc approach to digital transformation, piecing together individual process improvements one by one, in the hopes that the value of the whole will exceed the sum of its parts, leading to an undesirable outcome that could put the whole corporation in catastrophe.

Take a deep breath and rethink through the reality, Digital transformation requires a planned, holistic framework that takes on technology, processes, and people into account.




Those questions would be clearly answered!



  • Digitalization and its impact
  • Road to Digital Enterprise, the good and the bad example
  • Technologies, Processes and People (1T2P)
    • It’s time to rethink and reform 2P1T into 1T2P in which technologies now disrupt the processes and the behavior of people and norm
    • Imagine the Era of Digitalization, without App and Device and Data (FrontEnd) or without the Server and the Cloud (BackEnd) or without the Critical Infrastructure (Power, IP, Transmission – MiddleEnd), what could bring the major losses in productivity and monetary
  • Get basic understanding of NIST Critical Infrastructure Concept and why is it important to your business
  • Refresh your creativity with Digitalization tools, what are they and how they can guide you and how to combine those Solo tools in to your own crystalized framework
    • Get to know COBIT 2019 the 1st holistic framework for I & T and how it could be one of the best tools to kick start your organization digitalization
    • Get yourself the proper “1T” for “2P”, how Enterprise Architecture Framework can guide you to fulfill your business Strategy, Tactical and Operational Goal with the proper Technologies
    • Acquire and Align your “1T” with an Influence of Lean, Agile and DevOps on your IT Service Management and its Life Cycle
    • Form the boundary of Information Flow – Understand concept of Information Management and how it leads to Information Security Management System
    • Get ready to Cloud, XaaS – Understand type of Cloud that would give what you need and its concern and benefits
    • Link your Digitalization awareness on Cybersecurity to Information Security, Incident Management and beyond
  • Understand Personally Identifying Information (PII) and get yourself ready to (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its impact
  • Get the know Fintech and its finish product e.g. Block Chain and Cryptocurrency – the major disruption on consumer behavior, demand/supply management
  • Kick start your organization Digitalization process, create a realistic and holistic plan including its concerns, execute the plan and response to unexpected opportunities and threats and properly control the changes, monitor the progress of changes and its alignment to the outcome of the plan then realize the value of its capabilities and outcome.





08:30 Open Registration
09:10 Welcome Speech

Duangcheewan Meegul – Vnohow (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


The Era of Digitalization

Tanawat Tweewat – TOGAF 9, ITIL 4, CISM, CISSP, Project+, Cloud Essential, ISO27001 Lead Auditor, ISO27035, ISACA:1203672)

  • Digitalization and its impact
  • Road to Digital Enterprise, the good and the bad example
  • Technologies, Processes and People (1T2P)
  • Overview of Digitalization Tools and its combination that fit for purpose
  • Recent concern (legal, regulatory compliance) and its impact
  • Prepare for the latest disruption – The Digital Platform that will reshape the consumer demand/supply (Fintech with Blockchain and Crypto Currency)
  • The plan and the way toward Digital Enterprise
  • Key Digitalization Tools
    • Get your organization ready to be digitalized utilizing standard framework for I & T
    • Valued based Service Management
    • Digitalization Project Management and Beyond
10:30 Morning Refreshment Break

Deep dive into AGILE

Jutawan Wu – CSPM, CSM®, CSP®, CSPO®, ICP-ACC

  • AGILE and its real-world distinctive approach, development and practices
  • How AGILE accelerate and make your Digitalization move forward (and never backward)
11:45 International Buffet Lunch

Way toward your own Digital Business Unit

Damrongsak Reetanon – Chief Cyber Security Officer, MFEC Public Company Limited

  • Build and accelerate your DEV team capabilities toward Digitalization with DevOps and Docker

Get your Digital product out, uncompromised!!

Sittichai Udomchokpiti – ISTQB Certified Trainer

  • Embedded your DEV team with Test Driven Development (TDD) paradigm
  • Utilizing the right Software Testing Platform and get the right build/release with GIT
  • Get your DEV CMMI
15:00 Afternoon Refreshment Break

Done Digitalized? Not too fast!!! Put your Milestone, Realize the key concern, constraint and assumption

Tanawat Tweewat – TOGAF 9, ITIL 4, CISM, CISSP, Project+, Cloud Essential, ISO27001 Lead Auditor, ISO27035, ISACA:1203672

  • Understand boundary of information flow, Information Management and its leading to Information Security Management System, Cybersecurity, Incident Management and Governance of IT
  • Personal Identifying Information (PII) and its leading to (EU) GDPR and its impact to your plan toward Digitalization

Digital revolutionary disruption: it’s coming fast, people already get used to it and you can’t stop it. So, it’s time to relax and open your mind to its latest platform

Tanawat Tweewat – TOGAF 9, ITIL 4, CISM, CISSP, Project+, Cloud Essential, ISO27001 Lead Auditor, ISO27035, ISACA:1203672

  • FinTech with Blockchain and Crypto Currency, the digital platform to change the behavior of people under demand/supply management
16:45 Digest it, crystalize it and let’s get your achievable Digitalization plan on the go & Q&A
17:15 Seminar closing